Friday, March 20, 2009

On This First Day of Spring...Breathe

Here is one of the books I'm currently reading. Ultra Longevity by Mark Liponis.

Which includes... 1. Breathe: Proper breathing is the way to access the automatic functions of your body and send a peaceful message to your immune system.

Which leads you to wonder how clean your outdoor air is. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality & AirNow

And also leads us to clean up our indoor air. Kamal Meattle breaks it down what you need to do in his brief TED lecture.

Which should get us to make changes to adopt these behaviors;

  • Exercise outdoors in the morning when the air is cleaner.

  • Purchase and maintain more indoor plants.

  • Monitor the air when spending a length of time outdoors. Did you know on this beautiful first day of spring in Austin that the forecast calls for moderate levels of Ozone today?

  • Make sure you select the Air Recirculate button on your car's AC system when in traffic so you're not breathing the exhaust from the car in front of you.

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