Saturday, March 14, 2009

SXSW: Opening Remarks Keynote

2:52: @zappos
2:50: Book recommendations; Happiness Hypothesis, Peak, The 4-hour work week
2:45: "chase the vision, not the money."
2:40: Tony's the CEO of Zappos and he's presenting in a black t-shirt and black hoody.
2:27: juice @ about 5%. need to update when I have a power outlet. powering down.
2:12: A year return policy. Dang!
2:10: Zappos about being the best at customer service
note: just looked at my sxsw twitter stream 21,897 msgs since 12:30p!
2:05: Tony queried the audience as too how many are customers. HUGE.

  • Tony Hsieh -

At, Tony Hsieh has fostered a culture where extraordinary customer service is the norm. Hear him talk about how good deeds can help you leverage the power of your audience to massively extend your brand.

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