Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set.....Go SXSW

Overall, I grade this panel as a C+. Really great stuff wasn't shared. They didn't go the extra mile to share the secrets.

2:50 pm. There was a great comment on metrics and costs. I'll have to review the audio later and repost.
2:40 pm. Outsourcing is now called "International Third-party Augmentation"
2:30 pm. Taking questions.
2:25 pm. Morrey arranges DIGG windows as to not see the comments because they make him mad.
2:19 pm. How to monetize. The Skittles experiment. Mob mentality. Users suck when they try to take over a site.
2:13 pm. Panel already out of hand. Having crowd noise battle with the next ballroom.

I'm in. For those of you still wanting to obtain a badge, the combo is 36-12-10 but don't all of you try to use it at one time. You'll jam the box.

Sitting in Ballroom C waiting for the User Generated Content: State of the Union to start。

  • Dean Mccall - IdeaGin
  • Stephen Newman - Mouth Watering Media
  • Todd Morrey - Mosso: The Rackspace Cloud
  • Wes Wilson - IncSpring
  • Chris Tolles - Topix


It's been a few years since YouTube and Flickr have dropped on the scene. Now almost everyone you know is creating content and posting it online. With the idea of User Generated Content now proven and the infrastructure in place where are we today? The same old questions keep popping up. "Where do you make money?" "How do you stand out?" and "Where do you find the time?" The panel will take a look at these questions and others as we explore the ever changing landscape of User Generated Content. This panel is sponsored by

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