Saturday, March 14, 2009

SXSW: Change v2

LL is always solid. Inspirational. I grade this one-man show an A. Keep up the great work Lawrence.

12:14: audience questions. congressman conyers, huffington post piece. check out.
12:06: Al Gore --- In order to solve the environmental crisis we have to solve the gov't crisis.
12:04: LL's new issue.
11:52: politicians as addicts and the amount of influence of lobbyists have
11:45: Junk science how Gov't gets wrong b/c guided by something other than reason...dependencies which ties back to the money buys influence which breads corruption discussion.
11:43: L.L. showing how USA backed down on 10% daily sugar intake recommendation and was persuaded to change it to 25% by the sugar industry.

Lawrence Lessig is one of my favorite presenters. He has a new issue. Let's here what he has to say.

  • Lawrence Lessig - Stanford Law School

Obama has awoken a once in a century passion for reform. What will it take to make it work? What would "work" mean?

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