Saturday, March 14, 2009

SXSW: The Future Of Social Networks

I'll have to listen to the rest of Charlene's presentation online. she does a very good job as a presenter but today I think I'd read or heard most of the stuff she was talking about. I left early to avoid the crowds in the restroom. There's no grade on this one.

3:44 Every laptop I've glanced I've only seen Twitter. No signs of Facebook.
3:30 That Cuban sandwich was so good at lunch but it was so big. Should've eaten half.

  • Charlene Li - Altimeter Group

Social networks will be like air, in that they will permeate everything that we do online AND offline. We'll look at the underlying technologies that will make this possible, how it will evolve, and the business models that will support it.

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Stephen said...

Only ate half that sandwich... you are SOOOO nancy.