Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oak Pollen Eating My Lunch

I knew better than to use the blower to move a ton of fallen oak leaves from one side of the property to the next. Last year it knocked me out for a week. This year, it's going to knock me out for a week. Wednesday and Thursday were days where I literally did not move except to drink some water. The Benadryl-D played a role in knocking me out. The one benefit to being sick is that it's the best diet pill on the planet. I've lost nine pounds so far. Food poisoning was the only thing that I've seen do it faster and that's because there was absolutely zero urge to eat for days.

As I'm still coughing up a lung regularly, exercise outdoors is out of the question. As the skull throbbing has subsided I can at least now get back on the computer and write or read or tackle a little Ruby on Rails which I've been meaning to do since SXSW ended.

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