Sunday, March 15, 2009

SXSW: Making Whuffie: Raising Social Capital in Online Communities

This was a solid B presentation. I didn't get wow but I got some good reminders of what I need to do presented well by a good presenter. Tara clearly knows what she's talking about.


12:00 "#2 Participate. Get involved in the community you serve. Who is your audience? What problem are you solving? and who has that problem. Join them. Authenticity matters. Why should they give a darn? Create amazing customer experiences which makes connections. 11 things to create experiences. 1. Dazzle is in the details. Ex. Moleskin. Loves it. Just a notebook yet has a great following because of the details and the story. 2. Go above and beyond. Zappos. Vosges chocolate truffles. Tells a story while serving a truffle and she ends up eating five of them while listening to the story. 3. Appeal to the emotion. 4. Inject fun into the experience. Ex. virgin Airlines. Ex. Flickr i.e. talk like a pirate day. 5. Make something mundane fashionable. This is what I call the Seinfeld effect. 6. Let people personalize. Ex. Moo Cards - pesonalized cards. Ex. Threadless. Everytime someone says, "Wouldn't it be cool if.....They then act on that making it a reality. Turns into I park like an Ex. Basecamp project management tool. "I don't have to know what a Gantt chart is to do project management. "Doesn't get in the way. 9. Make happiness your business model -Autonomy -relatedness -confidence -? 10. Be social catalyst. Ex. Intuit nobody interacts unless they have to...meetings. #4 Whuffie Way. Embrace the Chaos. 7 ways to embrace the chaos. 1. stop moving until you can see clearly. 2. transfer the knowledge. 3. Acknowledge anxiety. 4. Define your own measure of success. 5. Get outside of your personal circle. 6. Realize everything is out of your control. 7. Have patience. The more whuffie you give away the more you get in return. #5 in the whuffie way. Find your higher purpose. Five 5 gifts to get you there. 1. Doing well by doing good. Ex. Stonyfield Farms. 2. Think customer-centric. 3. Allow sending to other Web sites links. 4. Spread love Ex. Halcyon's Hugnation. 5. ?
11:45 "Turn bullhorn inwards. 8 Commandments. Design for broader community. Observe what people want to do. Respond to all feedback no matter how rediculous. Don't take negative feedback personally. #4 give credit to those that influence. New component highlight it and ask for feedback. #6 make small continuous changes rather than everything at once. #7 go out and find feedback. # Don't feed the haters or trolls.
11:31 She's doing the rapid-fire presentation of slides like Lawrence Lessig based on changes in keywords and the keywords are on the slide. Showing a FriendWheel graphic. Her followers/friends represented in a wheel graphic. "Can't buy Whuffie. Build connections and credibility." She'll be posting the presentation online @

Ballroom A
11:30 am

  • Tara Hunt - Intuit

This talk gets to the heart of how people interact and exchange information in online communities: through social capital, or as Cory Doctorow calls it, Whuffie. The key to growing customers in online communities is through growing your social capital. You will learn the 5 lessons of raising Whuffie through online communities in this presentation.

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