Friday, March 13, 2009

SXSW: The Ecosystem of News

Grade B+. Good sharing of information. I see that more with a single person presenting sometimes. Panels need several things to make it good. they have to be in sync and have a good moderator. This presentation was solo and the presenter was good.

4:31p: over. said he'll post talk.
4:00p: audience questions.
3:59p: "all the news that's fit to link."
3:55p: showing twitter-stream map where #sxsw is picked up and what they're talked about is then mapped.
3:51p: Traditional media still mattered in election coverage of 2008. "Old Growth Media"
3:45p: After the newspapers fail will the blogosphere get out of bed and start a Iraq field office?
3:40p: setting the stage for how much faster news is published. Started with MacWorld and then webzines.
3:30p: packed room. standing room only.

Room 12B @ 3:30 pm

  • Steven Johnson -

It is now conventional wisdom that the newspaper as we have come to know it for last century is over, or will be in a matter of years. The question is whether we're going to spend our time grieving over the loss, or whether we're going to use this moment as an opportunity to invent something even better. We're inevitably moving from the "paper of record" model to a something more distributed, a news ecosystem, but that doesn't mean we can't consciously define the shape of that system. So let's figure out what values we want to preserve from the older newspaper paradigm, and what values we want to improve upon -- and then let's go build it!

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