Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Time to Play Visionary, Fanatic or Lunatic

Robert Kraft, also known as The Raven, and not to be confused with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, has been running every day for 34 years straight, running an eight-mile stretch of Miami Beach. Starting 1975, Mr. Kraft has run through pneumonia, hurricanes and back pain. His reply as to why someone would do such a thing, "I wanted to discipline myself," said Mr. Kraft.

ESPN recently resurfaced a January 2008 piece on The Raven that I saw the other morning.

From the last VF or L I see Jack LaLanne as a visionary and Ronald Kmiec as a fanatic/lunatic, especially for not listening to his body after suffering a heart attack. His wife had to pressure him into seeing the doctor. With Mr. Kraft it's a little different. At first I would label him a lunatic but I think he's more of a fanatic. What's sad is that it looks like he won't have many more years of running going the way he is. Without a day off to recover and repair damaged tissue caused by the eight-mile run, over time the overuse injuries will cause a problem. Research has proven this. I think even Hal Higdon, who ran 10-miles every morning and night even took some time off to recover.

The one thing I thought was great about The Raven was his varied workout. Pullups, pushups and alike are really what runners should be doing more of.

If you haven't guessed it, I'm looking for the fitness sweet spot, the Holy Grail of sets and reps and miles, the Supreme Being of workouts, the Pièce de résistance diet plan. What gets us ripped like a Laird Hamilton but not die at 39 like Steve Larsen.

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