Friday, May 22, 2009

Link Friday

The New York Times: Guest Column: Math and the City. It would be interesting to see if anyone has extended this math to then look at the number of cancer patients and how it correlates.

CNN: Astronauts enjoy recycled urine

ESPN: Life of Reilly. How do you beat a guy who throws righty and lefty? You don't. I hope this guy makes it to the bigs so I can see how he pulls this off.

News8Austin: Austin City Council to approve $250M bike plan. Too bad there's too many cars on the ATX roads today to make this a healthy option. It's not just about creating bike lanes and making it safe to ride but also it has to be healthy and that means they'll need to clean up the air.


The water temp at Lady Bird Lake is 77 degrees so I won't be wearing a wetsuit for Monday's event. I'm even thinking of using the clip and strap pedals to save some time in transition. Running with the bike in my running shoes will speed me up. With no wetsuit to worry about and no shoes to change I should be able to shave off some minutes in the T1 and T2.

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Good luck, T!!!!