Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Get Over Roids as I Declare My Free Agency

I forgot how much two and three-a-day-workouts tire me, both physically and mentally. The body is responding ok though. Sore from an hour on the hills with the bike yesterday.

I added these to the running_mix playlist.

Kanye West: Heartless (Thanks to K who has switched from Disney artists to hip hop)
Kanye West: Stronger (I'm a little slow with new music, release date 9/11/07)
Alanis Morssette: Citizen of the Planet

I knew the roids issue would get blown up when A-Roid came back to the Yankees active roster but jeeeeeez. The media is on roids with all the roids talk. You know, I'm ok with the roids. It's all performance enhancement and there can never be a level playing field. Vitamins are performance enhancers. Certain trainers enhance performance with their knowledge. I definitely can attest to certain shoes being performance enhancers versus the ones I had that crippled my left foot for 12 months (all better now thanks to New Balance and PT). Caffeine, creatine, protein. Yeah, roids are on a TOTALLY different plane of chemistry. Understood. Just wait for DNA enhancement. I bet we've already seen some of it at the last Olympic games.

That being said, I declare my free agency for any sports team that looks like it's going to have a winning season in my lifetime. I can't believe I was drawn into thinking the Rockets would win last night against the Lakers. Not that I'd go for the LA with Kobe but I definitely need to look elsewhere. 40 point drop. Jeeeez. Just embarrassing.

The good thing is tomorrow is another day and another story will be front and center on the sports pages blogs tweets.

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