Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love surprises.! Well, let me restate that. I love surprises that unexpectedly provide me something with which I've been yearning for. I hate the surprises like driving south on IH35 and being sandwiched by two 90-mph-speeding Yukons on the left with a 100-mph-speeding Scion tc coming up my ass and then choosing to rip past in the emergency lane to get by me and the Yukons. Yeah, surprises like that, not so much. But that was two days ago and today is well, today.

So it was a total surprise this morning when ESPN let out that Jon Gruden was replacing Tony Kornheiser on MNF. So the NYTimes wrote, "Now, ESPN has Gruden, a blond-haired football guy, unlike Kornheiser, balding writer guy." You would think as I'm a balding writer guy named Tony I'd be really ticked that one of my own was sacked from MNF. Not. at. all. I haven't watched MNF in the last three year's just because of the balding writer guy. And, he wasn't sacked but left for a reported fear of flying. So Monday nights this coming fall have new meaning. No more slinking off to bed early. There's football to watch and commentary from the blond-haired football guy to listen to, at least until he finds another team to coach.

The other total surprise this morning was seeing proof of more winter blubber weight evaporated into the ether. Pounds 13 and 14 are gone. This was a surprise as I didn't get as many workouts in while in Dallas and the one I had was cut short. I then ate at Pappadeaux for lunch which could have sent me far into blubberville for the next week but it didn't. I guess there wasn't as much butter on that tilapia as I thought. If I drop another two before the CapTexTri on Monday, I'll feel better about the race.

It's good thing there won't be any surprises on the CapTexTri course on Monday. No falling 250-feet into a ravine like Pedro Horrillo did in the Giro d'Italia. That's a surprise we can all live without.

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