Monday, May 18, 2009

One of Austin's Perfect Mornings

David Siik, the runner on the cover of this month's Runner's World Magazine said, "I breathe so much better when I'm by the water and away from traffic." Hmmmm ya tink? That's what I've been doing lately is getting away from traffic, all traffic. That's hard to do in the city but can be accomplished if done early.

I almost missed the one of the best running mornings Austin has to give by sleeping in. A perfect 52-degrees with a one mile an hour breeze and a 5.2 PM-2.5 pollution reading. My mind and body wanted to soak up as much as I could but alas, the cars started pulling out of their driveways and it was just too much trouble holding my breath as I passed the polluted micro puff clouds so I called it a day, but not before I had thoroughly enjoyed the run. Seven AM is the absolute Cinderella moment for running in the hood. After that we all turn into black tar asphalt pumpkins.

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