Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Time to Play Visionary, Fanatic or Lunatic

fa·nat·i·cal (f-nt-kl)
1. Possessed with or motivated by excessive, irrational zeal.

vi·sion·ar·y (vzh-nr)
1. Characterized by vision or foresight.

lu·na·tic (ln-tk)
1. Suffering from lunacy; (Insanity, especially insanity relieved intermittently by periods of clear-mindedness.).
4. Characterized by lunacy or eccentricity.

"The Godfather of Fitness", Jack LaLanne is 94 and still at it. "I work out every day for two hours," he said. "Swim one-half hour, and other one and one-half hours I do weights."

May 2009 Runner's World Magazine
Ronald Kmiec, 66 of Concord, Massachusetts, ran every day for 31 years and 360 days. During a race in 2007, he felt chest pain. He finished, and ran the next four days, until his wife forced him to see a doctor. Kmiec had had a heart attack and needed surgery. But four months later, he ran the 2008 Boston Marathon, his 35th in a row.

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