Monday, April 27, 2009

Grabbing the Remote

Got a chance to see Jacoby Ellsbury burn the Yank's Andy Pettitte stealing home. Go 'Stros and Sox. As you can see I'm giving baseball a chance again. Hopefully, the steroid era is over.

I couldn't believe ESPN went nuts with the NFL Draft, the mock draft, the fantasy draft, the speculating on top of the speculating until the whole thing was one long sentence running from one ear to the other reaching a point where I was seriously considering going downstairs and watching the Hallmark Channel and it's endless noise stream of faux Little House on the Prairie episodes with the rest of the family. Heh heh. Not really.

The NFL needs to find something to do with the 10 minutes inbetween the selections. Something other than showing Crabtree after he didn't get selected with beads of sweat building up on his forehead. They also need to find something else to show than a player talking on a cellphone to his agent while his family and friends look on. How they sold commercial time for this is beyond me.

In the end it's my fault. In this age of endless media opportunities and Tivo I need to spend more time looking for the gold nuggets like the Red Sox/Yanks match up which produced the stolen home base. Like the good articles. Like Rafael Nadal winning his fifth straight Barcelona Open whether it's live or recorded. Like BikeSnobNYC. Like the Jim Rome radio show and JRIB in the afternoon.

There's more than enough content to watch, read and listen to if I'd just apply a little strategy and not just grab the remote.

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