Monday, April 27, 2009

Spreading Germs

Just in time for the swine flu outbreak.

People who go to work sick don't realize the impact they have on on others. Three weeks after getting sick from someone who couldn't stay at home and was still contagious, I'm still recovering. I haven't worked out in earnest for three weeks. My lung capacity is still compromised. When I take a deep breath my airway gurgles. Others in the family are still coughing and feeling the remnants of the cold. When I spoke to someone else who had it, they coughed their last cough four weeks after contracting the bug.

The Honeywell air purifier I bought and placed in the bedroom has helped. It's amazing how easier it is to breathe when the purifier is running. I also think my night's sleep has improved.

Mexico is getting serious about the swine flu outbreak. They advised people to stay home from Sunday mass and the soccer games.

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