Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vibram Five and Yoga

It's a good thing it's yoga day on my training schedule as the air in Austin today is going to suck. We're supposed to reach the orange level of alert for Ozone later today. The orange alert means being outside for certain groups is unhealthy. I don't see myself fitting in one of the designated groups but I know how it affects me and that means inside workouts for today.

Shana led the group of 11 in more of a stretching yoga routine this morning. This proved great for my hip flexors, calf muscles and hamstrings. I wore my new Vibram FiveFingers which provided a little more traction. And despite what others may say, that yoga is all about stretching and toning and flexibility, it's really about traction. The more the better. I'm surpised a company like Vibram was able to get a stronghold on this market. I would've thought Goodyear or Pirelli would've locked up the market on yoga shoes, mats and clothing years ago. In fact Goodyear plainly states, "Traction is everything on their site. Look at the image above. You should take a look below how their ad for shoes would've looked.

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