Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Much For Spring

On a day when the legs felt great and the lung capacity started to return, the temperature and humidity arrived. Temperature = 77, humidity = 78% for a total value of 155. Cotton was not the best choice of running shirt this morning.

A runner whose blog I followed for some time mentioned she didn't run after the temp and humidity combined for a value of 125. That's almost every day in Houston. It happens quite often in Austin too and leaves just a small window of opportunity for runs. And when you're judging when to run based on other variables like work schedule and pollution rates, the window is even smaller.

So this morning I chose the heat and humidity even though the combined heat and humidity were 20 points over 125. I knew I was going to sweat and sweat is good if you're prepared for it. It's not good while dressed in a tux, standing in front of hundreds of people singing old Dean Martin songs on stage but that's another story. Whew, just the thought is making tiny droplets form beads on top of my forehead.

The rest of the week is forecasted for good air quality but higher than normal temps (97-98 degrees). It's a good thing I don't run everyday anymore. Swims, indoor cycling and weight workouts don't depend on the weather and that's the remaining workouts for the week until Saturday morning.

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