Thursday, June 11, 2009


I knew as soon as I discussed injuries that Murphy's Law would kick in and something would stretch where it wasn't supposed to, bend like it never has before, or snap like a summer butter bean. It was especially going to happen since I worked on my running form, reducing an estimated 50 percent of the stress to my knees (50 % of est. 9x body weight) with the newly-learned technique. It's not exactly new, I take that back. The Chi running folks proposed the same thing as did the Pose Method runners and I had watched that video over a year ago but just recently was reintroduced to it with the Newton running shoe videos and McDougal readings (see last post).

The problem came when I lent a hand in moving some industrial restaurant equipment to a friend's backyard. And the lending of hands turned into lending of the back, legs, shoulders and whatever else could help budge the bulky and weighty metal cooler. This stress was greater than 20x body weight, which is just the stress for jumping. Pushing the equivelant of an NFL nose tackle over gravel had to be greater than that. So doing the math means I get to wear a knee support today and do some light spinning.

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