Monday, January 26, 2009

Updating My TwitterNation

Looking for more of this...

"RT Scott Heiferman: 'Hey Pepsi, you're sugar water. You're not hope or change. Cut the crap.'"


"Getting out of bed is the worst idea I've had all day."


@chelsaskees "When I was in high school, I only had these dance moves <awesome dancing> tho now I have better moves < even awesomer dancing >"

and less of......

"What, snow again?"

I'm looking for Twitter-folks that pack volumes of information into their 140-character-space and scratch their noodle a little before clicking on the "update" button. Smart, witty, funny, an exclusive or it lets me inside that little private life of their's. Most of these people post once per day and they're posting about the snow falling again. Good grief.

Surpise finding of the day. Twitter employees are not always the best posters based on said criteria above.

My next BIG project will be to map the blog authors and twitter-ers from around the country. I already suspect they can be found predominantly in three regions.

1 comment:

Molly said...

AMEN!!!LOL Hi, I'm Molly (tweeter you just started following: @mollybermea). How did you come across me?

Although I am sure I have been guilty of a bad few tweets, I don't always focus my tweeting on my work (design) and some days it's all about what I am doing...or things like my son ripping out my eyelashes. There is a difference to me in posting this than, "it's snowing, how beautiful" - if I wanted a weather update, I'd look up your weather. you must have reviewed my tweets and thought I was not too bad to follow. ha-ha. FYI - if I'm typo-ing or short-handing everything it's because my son is on my lap nursing and I'm typing one handed.

Nice to meet you! Hope I don't disappoint!