Thursday, January 15, 2009

End of Hibernation

As the bear opened it's eyes for the first time after the deep sleep of winter passed, today I too started coming out the other side of gluttonous hibernation. I have over indulged since the day of my last triathlon. Writing the prior sentence felt like confessing a sin as I wrote it and I speculate that to triathletes, a trip to the tripple-burger-land is a reward for going all those months without an ounce of grilled buns dripping with fat. Going there repeatedly for over three months is pure heresy to other triathlon purists and may call for my banishment from the lycra establishment forever.

As my weight went up I thought it was do to the added weight lifting but knew it was partly due to the baking frenzy I went on and continued beyond Christmas. At the wellness conference yesterday I passed by the lady holding the calipers checking body fat percentages several times not making eye contact as that would've engaged her tractor beam pulling me against my will ever closer to check my chubbers. What if she grabs 22% body fat in front of everyone at the expo? My curiosity got the better of me and I engaged eye contact. Tractor beam pulled. I flexed. Then relaxed. She pinched. 16%. So now I know what I have to do for bikini season.

This is also the first week at the new office which adds about 20 minutes to the gym commute at lunch so it's probably out as a daily routine. it'll be after work or before from now on.

I'm also starting back with to log calories again. That worked well in the past to the tune of 30 pounds of weight loss so I think it'll work again. Because looking in the mirror and seeing the chubbers appear ain't doing it to get lean. It goes hand in hand with the book I'm reading, The Anti-Aging Plan by Roy Walford, M.D. and Lisa Walford. And, I can only cut 20% total calories if I know what 20% looks like. I have a feeling my baking will be out until next Thanksgiving or until I see 11% body fat again.

I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon yesterday but blew off the 3M. I hated to do so but my foot needs some serious rehab. Pushing the next run to Feb. will give me a little more time. If you're thinking of running the Austin Half or Full Marathon you better hurry. They're over 90% full as of today.

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