Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moe's Better Half-Marathon

I took Moe's Better Half-Marathon off the list of races to do for this year. It was slated for March 1 and if I didn't have the fitness for the Austin Half-Marathon last weekend then two weeks of running aren't going to put the fitness in my legs no matter how many Yasso 800s I do between now and race day. Plus, mentally I've already moved on to triathlon season.

Walking today is much better. After the pain in the quads, calf muscles and tendons started coming back to normal, the plantar fasciitis isn't even noticeable. It seems to be the foot muscles, wearing the correct shoes for my feet (New Balance), were put back to normal with the repetitive stress of the half-marathon. Whatever, I'll take it especially since if it didn't get better in the next couple of weeks it was going to be time to have the doc check it out.

Besides the pair of New Balance running shoes, I bought a pair of NB cross trainers for walking and a pair of NB 627 for work that pass the dress code. Since I can't wear running shoes while at work I can wear running sneakers made to look like dress shoes with suede.

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