Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better Late Than Never

It's just been one of those years. The Austin Marathon and Half-Marathon is tomorrow and I've just now sat down to start my pe-race rituals. Yesterday, there was no time to get out of the office and grab a pre-race ritual favorite of pho soup. Pho soup the Friday before the race has been the norm since as long as I can remember. It didn't happen so I'm going to eat it after the race to repair the immune system. It's not like I'm superstitious like a baseball player who grabs his jewels each time he enters the batter's box or the pitcher who grabs four ounces of dirt on the mound with only three of his fingers, followed by a touch of cap's bill with a turn to the right twice and left once. No, no been there, done that. And... my superstitions were mostly related to underwear anyway but TMI, that was then, this is now.

This week the spring session of the run/walk program kicked off with new curriculum. Yep, had to develop that and write it all up. Last session somehow the program got the 5K and 10K workouts all mixed up, plus I think a few marathon workouts were included as people who were part of the 5K program asked in week three if the prescribed one hour, forty-five minute run was mandatory. Slight overkill for the 5K race training I think, as the total time running, even for turtles is only 40 minutes long.

The there was the end of football season. It just hung there like one of my dog's green clouds. Will Favre really retire? Another green cloud of a different sort. There were still articles to read and write even though the season was over. So yesterday, part of me was trying to get into marathon-race mode, the other half of me needed to tie up the loose ends and finish the last football article until August.

Today, one day before the race the emotions are starting to kick in. The weather looks like it's going to be perfect. It'll start at 45-degrees, get sunny and then at the end of the afternoon be somewhere around 70-degrees. By that time I'll be chowing on some pho soup and drinking a Michelada, or two.

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