Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Favorite Blog

BikeSnobNYC is the best blog I've read in a long time. I searched the Web for something after the election climaxed Nov. 4. I haven't read one political sentence since. It's not that my guy didn't win. He may have or may not have. ;) Elections are naturally vampirish in nature, sucking the life blood from your body and at the same time leaving you brain fried. That said, it's refreshing to read some quality writing on cycling that doesn't involve Lance, The Tour, or doping.

I followed a couple of great triathlon blogs while working up to the Longhorn 70.3, but now that both blogwriters have completed their full Ironmans, they've inked their M-dot on their calves and proceeded to get fat. The last I saw of their posts they were trying to ignite the old fires of training by lifting kettle bells in a class. So sad.

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