Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls Revisited

Greatgrandma Hoot's written recipe lasted for 44 years untouched until this morning. After disastrous rolls were barely nibbled on Thanksgiving it was time to alter the recipe. It wasn't Grandma Hoot's recipe that was at fault per se, as I found the culprit. It was an ingredient. It was the organic, heavy crystal sugar which the yeast couldn't break down and thus couldn't rise. I switched over to confectioner's sugar and had no problem. Actually, it's 3/4 confectioner's and 1/4 organic sugar. While I was switching things around I substituted unsalted butter for the Crisco an added some cream cheese, subbed scalded milk for the water, added an egg and some sour cream. Results? Yum yum MUY BUENO! - Homemade & freshly baked

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