Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Underestimated

"Normal sweat rates can range from 0.75 to 2 Liters/hour, depending on conditions such as temperature, humidity, pace, clothing, and the degree of heat acclimation the rider has."

"2) Not consuming enough sodium. You're using Endurolytes, which only contain 40 mg of sodium / capsule. A liter of sweat contains 1000 mg. So you'd need to take 25 Endurolytes / liter of water.

The two Accelerade gels I took last week amounted to 200 mg of sodium over the one hour, thirty-eight minute run.
There's no way I can pop 25 Endurolytes over the course of that run every weekend.
Golden Pickle has even created a sports drink, appropriately named “Pickle Juice Sport.” Golden Pickle claims that Pickle Juice Sport has “approximately 30 times more electrolytes than Powerade and 15 times more than Gatorade.” ( It is even endorsed by Dallas Cowboy Jason Witten.
So maybe what's for dinner Friday night before the run is pickle juice and pretzels. At least while we still have the 100-degree+ days.


Stephen said...

I tried some pickle juice on the 80 mile ride Lisa and I did last year. While it may have helped keep my alive I have to say I'm just now able to eat pickles again. There's something about pickle juice and exercising that just don't mix.

Tony said...

I took your advice. No pickles or pickle juice while exercising. Before and maybe after. That's it.